The assembly sequence of the plunger assembly is opposite to that of the decomposing process. When placing the plunger sleeve in the flange sleeve of speed governor, it should be noted that the positioning slot on the plunger sleeve and the positioning pin hole are correct. After pressing the pin, the plunger sleeve should be able to move up and down 1-2. 

   The speed limiter for cars is connected to the safety rod on the two sides of the car by a wire rope. In order to ensure the speed and accuracy of the speed governor for Vehicles, a finite speed tensioner is installed in the bottom hole of the well. When the car is running, the wire rope transforms the vertical movement of the elevator into the rotational motion of the speed limiter device. 

Here is the model of the overall structure of the speed governor for vehicles. With the continuous development of science and technology, at present, the function of speed governor is far beyond the scope of simple speed regulation. Therefore, IEC has used the term "hydroelectric unit control system" in the formulation of new technical conditions. 

   The microcomputer electronic governor developed in our country has the following characteristics. Setting frequency tracking function is one of the most important one. When the unit starts and is ready to connect to the grid, it requires frequency f to track FN as soon as possible, so as to meet the three conditions of grid connection as soon as possible so as to achieve the goal of fast grid connection. 

   The electronic governor takes the control of the structure of the rotating flying weight in the mechanical governor with the car speed limiter, and does not use mechanical mechanism. It is sensitive, fast, and with high precision of static and dynamic parameters. The electronic governor has no governor drive mechanism, it is small in volume and convenient to install, so it is easy to realize automatic control.. 

   When the speed governor is used, the initial operation is very normal. But when the speed of the steam engine is raised, the governor will not work steadily, and it will appear fast and slow. The earliest research on the stability of the speed governor is the British physicist Maxwell (James Clerk Maxwell, 1831-1879).
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